Graduate Students

Adam is interested in how people are influenced by their peers. How are a person’s motivation and goal pursuit, moral compass, or even religious belief influenced by society?

Gordon is interested in the topics you’re not supposed to talk about at the dinner table: morality, emotions, politics, and religion. Specifically, he’s interested in how our emotions and socio-cultural beliefs inform our moral judgments and behavior.

Holly is interested in social class, specifically, in how social class impacts how we see ourselves, how we think others see us, and how we see others. She is also interested in how people gain and maintain their social status, and religion and its relationship to inequality.

Will is interested in motivated belief and reasoning. Specifically, he is interested in how our values, goals, emotions, and identities motivate our beliefs and reasoning in moral, economic, and scientific contexts.

Anita is interested in the psychological consequences of different levels of economic inequality. Specifically, she is studying the effects of inequality on people’s concerns about their status or relative standing in society.

Rachele’s research interests are focused on how people respond to situations that make them feel uncertain. This includes uncertainty about their environment, their peers, and themselves.